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Public space & mobility and accessible network of public spaces

  • strategy should be implemented to plan and build public spaces as a coherent network in which public spaces are all connected to each other. Within this system, all the citizens must be able to move without facing any obstacles. Roads, bicycle lanes,
  • Ensure the mobility of pedestrians, in particular those with physical disabilities, so that they can participate in urban life.
  • Provide an integrated public space network at every scale, porous and connected to surroundings (city-wide and neighbourhood).
  • Development of a sustainable high quality public space system that would act as a structuring and developmental element in cities


-EXAMPLE: The Critical Mass (cycling)

The critical mass is a cycling event initiated in 1992 in San Francisco and is now in more than 300 cities around the world. It happens on the last Friday of every month and gathers hundreds of cyclists involved in a "monthly protest to reclaim the streets." These events are celebrations and spontaneous gatherings.